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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most appropriate software business solution to our specific business needs. Our company is the leader on the Bulgarian market, so we need the best software solution for our business"


Elka Kamenova, President of the Board of Directors at Office 1 Superstore

LS Retail


LS Retail LS Retail is suitable for companies of all sizes and international retailers operating in the area of:


LS Retail is a specialized solution for managing companies working in the retail business that meets all their IT needs and requirements. LS Retail is based on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. With more than 2 500 clients all over the world, 40 000 stores, 100 000 POS terminals, translated in 35languages and distributed in more than 60 countries, LS Retail has become a global leader among retail solutions of Microsoft business systems.  



LS Retail is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and offers plenty of functionalities for management of retail activities.  The system replaces at full the need of design, use and maintenance of variety of business applications. The single platform of LS Retail encompasses every activity in your company – from the stores to the headquarters, from POS terminals through the warehouse, merchandising and all other operations executed at the back office. It is also possible to track each transaction from the POS terminal to the Accounting module of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. LS Retail increases the overall business value of the retail companies.  


Among the benefits, which LS Retail provides to the business, are: 

  • Integrated data and fast and secure access to it
  • Total management of sales processes and their accounting from stores to the head office
  • Optimized store and warehouse management
  • Improved inventory management, reduced number of storage operations and unsold goods amount
  • Theft and loss reduction
  • Significant reduction of manual operations
  • Reduced operating costs through better management and control
  • Detailed real-time insight on what is going on in the company
  • Powerful analytical tools
  • Increased productivity and improved margins
  • Improved service quality and customer satisfaction
  • High return on investment (over 30% lower costs compared to other similar applications)
  • Fast and flexible adaptation to changes in the organization and the highly competitive business environment - a prerequisite for appropriate decisions and successful development of the company