Office 365


More than Office


Office 365 is the name of the new MS Office, developed by Microsoft and presented to the clients as a cloud solution. Unlike the standard version of the suite, Office 365 offers much more by including regular programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc., in a combination with Microsoft Exchange, Share Point and Lync. Thereby, in addition to the main functionalities of MS Office, users have the chance to:

  • Use a cloud-based e-mail with 25GB available for each user
  • Share with co-workers and external parties desktop views, calendars, tasks, documents, etc.
  • Work and make collaborative comments on one and the same document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) and access it 24/7. MS Office 365 also makes it possible to view old versions of current documents
  • Organize and take part in online meetings, conference calls and chat with up to 250 users (colleagues, clients and partners)
  • Create and support attractive websites, with no need for any specific knowledge in the area, and without using any additional software products

… and all this through computer, smartphone or tablet – anytime, everywhere.


Office 365


With the many years of experience that Microsoft has in online security, Office 365 offers users very high data security level. The new technologies integrated in the product contribute to the elimination of unsolicited e-mails (a.k.a. spam), and the five levels of protection and great number of international security and management certificates, among which ISO 27001, guarantee comfort and reliability to every single client.


Intelligent Systems Bulgaria is official distributor of Office 365 and provides services related to its deployment, set-up and support. The application is available only through the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft and comes in several different plans, fine-tuned to best meet any client needs.


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